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Ban Appeal Guidelines

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Ban Appeal Information

If you believe that you have been unfairly punished or deserve to be unbanned, please submit an appeal in this section. Your accounts will remain banned if you have violated any server, forum, or Discord rules. A tester, admin, or lead admin will only ban an account if they are confident the account owner has broken a rule. While mistakes can occur, they will be addressed during the appeal process with the staff member responsible for the ban.

Please be aware that if disciplinary action is taken against your social media or streaming platform account, it may result in a temporary or permanent ban. Please always be responsible for your account and avoid sharing your password or account with others. Failure to do so may result in a ban from The Yams Roleplay, which may not be reversible. However, if you believe your account has been unfairly punished or have completed your required punishment, please click the appeal button and complete the form. A staff member will review your appeal and contact you accordingly.

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