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Business Request Angelic Coochie

Angelic Coochie

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Username: Angelic Coochie

Discord Name: goodcoochie

Please provide your full name, including your first and last name. Angelic White

Kindly provide me with the date of your birthday. Jan 6, 2001

Do you have a valid driver's license? Yes

Have you ever had an encounter with law enforcement that resulted in arrest? No

Have you ever been convicted of a felony in the past or currently have a felony conviction? No

Could you please let me know the name or branding you have planned for your business? Pretty Girl Hair & Wigs Salon

Please provide details about your business services. Thank you. We will be servicing customers with their hair and supplying customers with wigs to sale to others or even wear. I would like to create a safe environment for my men and women but definitely more to my women. I will have two divisions inside of my hair salon. I will have wig employees and hairstylist assisting customers. We will be cutting hair through an hair salon system and even offer self service when employees are inactive. We will also make wigs and sell them to customers as well.

Browns Wigs & Bundles Script
VMA Barber Script
Harem Saloon MLO

How would your business contribute to the betterment of the city? I would be a great service to the community especially for the women. We could create a positive setting for the ladies to interact and grow together. I haven’t seen a city with a strong united female group. To have that strong bond with some ladies in roleplay is definitely different and could be fun for new females who join the city.

What is the reason behind your desire to start a business? I am a boss. I love having my own at all times and I am a feminine woman. I love looking pretty and want others to feel at their best as well. I am a hustler as well and ain’t depending on others when I have the capabilities to run my own business and establish myself.

As a business owner, it's important to keep up frequent activity in the server, especially if you run a essential business. This helps to retain customers and ensure the success of your business. Do you agree with this? Yes

Are you aware of the weight of responsibility that accompanies owning and managing a business? Yes