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Report a Player Information

If you find yourself in a situation with another community member on the in-game or forum platform where they have violated community guidelines or rules, you can make a report. To make a report, make sure you have physical evidence and a specific rule that was violated. Reporting someone out of spite or without proper reason can lead to disciplinary action against you.

Reporting a player should be your last resort and only done when a situation becomes hostile or you cannot resolve it on your own. Before submitting a report, ask yourself some qualifying questions:​
  • Has the opposing player hacked?
  • Has the opposing player broken a server rule?
  • Has the opposing player broken a server rule on purpose?
  • Has the opposing player attacked, defamed, or spoken badly of you outside the server?
  • Has the player abused any server bugs or used glitches to impact the roleplay around them negatively?
If the answer to any of these questions was yes, ensure clear evidence of the player's offense. Provide dates, screenshots, or video evidence of the rules being broken. Remember, accusations without proof will be discarded. If you were called a “noob” or an “imbecile,” then understand that everything isn’t worth being upset over. Learn not to take everything to heart. Game Administrators will take time out of their day to investigate the report; petty reports posted and disregarded above will be handled accordingly.

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